Join Us


We are always looking for illustrators and authors to join us in the TopTapTip adventure, to work with us in this collaborative digital publishing experiment.

Our process can be summed up in four main stages: creation (writing, illustrating, editing), digital production, distribution and communication/marketing.

As an artist, you bring the content and we, the publisher, manage all the other stages – production, distribution in major global e-book retailers (Apple, Amazon and Google Play Books) and communication/marketing. We do all this in close coordination with the authors and illustrators, so that each title benefits from the individual and collective experience and know-how.


Just as we join forces, we split the profits in equal parts, as stated in a contract that leaves the print rights to the authors and allows everybody to work with the reasonable degree of freedom every publishing professional should always find everywhere. We also support this with third-party tools to facilitate a transparency which allows authors to have access to sales progress and market data.


If you illustrate but you don’t have a story, we can put you in touch with a writer to bring your illustrations to life. The same goes for children’s book writers looking for illustrators, of course. We also arrange for translation to ensure the e-books and apps reach a wider audience.


We are aware that the children’s digital publishing industry and market are yet to be fully developed, but we also believe that, sooner rather than later, it will grow even more exponentially. When that moment comes, we aim to be there, with all the joy and experience of our fellow authors and characters. If our success arrives later than expected, at least we will have been doing what we like best: creating great digital stories for children to learn and have fun with!


Contact us if you want to climb aboard.


info@toptaptip. com