The Authors





Alfons Freire. Writer and illustrator, is also a publishing designer, editor, painter and philosopher based in Barcelona. He has been in the book industry for more than 20 years, providing book design and art direction for major publishers.







Víctor González writes stories for a living because, despite having mulled it over for a long time, he has never thought of anything better to do. What he really likes doing is illustrations, but as they won’t let him, he has to write these blessed stories. He has published three books in paper format and another three on the Internet. He is also a newspaper columnist and he has a few more books stored in a drawer, which he feeds regularly with little sonatas and hopes, dreaming of who knows what.







S.Bimbo, began painting on the walls of his house when he was knee-high to a grasshopper. He loved it so much that it now seems as if he has painted in nearly half the countries in the world. He likes drawing almost anything that people suggest, but he has the best time with his creations for little ones.  So far he has published a handful of children’s books and he hopes to have two handfuls soon. He is a great guy, who normally wears a pencil behind his right ear and a seasonal beard. As well as the pencil and the beard, you can easily spot him in the winter because he only wears a scarf on days which are not that cold.






Daniel Carajoinas